We are a multi-disciplinary agency who loves design and every day we strive to do better.


And we love the gifs.


A committed team to each project, client or idea.

design for all

This is our philosophy, which is part of our methodology to realice an idea, design, application or product that we create.


We firmly believe that design is for everyone and is included in everything, so under this philosophy we are guided.


Following our philosophy design for all, we share the design including our colleagues designers.


We do it through some platforms:


La Caja_ is a podcast where we give voice to all those projects that you should know.


etéreo mag is a magazine-portfolio of creatives mexicans which seeks to serve as a showcase for all creative projects in the country.


We continue to search for more platforms that support the creative ecosystem.



In lsdom we are committed to making this world better and we know that we can contribute (in our own way) by providing our creative talent to various social causes.


That is why through a convening we improve the image of Social Causes (NGOs, Social Enterprises, Cooperatives, among others) so that they can show their causes and be visually attractive to present and future strategic partners.




CEO - Domingo Alvarez Espinoza

Graphic designer



COO - Carime Macari

Industrial designer



Renata Arellano

Creative in training